This page provides a few tips, tricks and references

to help make your crafting experience

the very best it can be.

                                                    Building a Basic Sewing Kit

If you are getting ready for a class or a sewing retreat, here is a list of things to pack. 

                            Pins                                                  Hand Sewing Needles
                            Pin Cushion                                    Spare Sewing Machine Needles
                            Seam ripper                                   Extra Bobbins
                            Scissors                                           Thimble
                            Tape Measure                                Marking Pencil

                            6.5 X 24 inch ruler                         Glue Stick
                            Rotary cutter                                 Tweezers
                            Thread                                            Small Screw Driver
                            Small Screw Driver                       Machine attachments & User Manual

                                         Sewing Machine (in good working order)

If you plan to borrow a machine, let the shop owner or retreat leader know in advance. It is always a good idea to get acquainted with the borrowed machine.  Being prepared will keep your outing stress free.

        BEE HAPPY